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How I Offended Several People By Being Too Nice


It often needs force to change the world and make it a better place, but you can also change it slightly with small acts of kindness, smiles and a lot of honest hugs and thank-you’s.

Apparently I did something very bad over and over again the last few months. I confused several people by – believe it or not – being too nice to them. Strictly speaking I “overused” the words “Thank you!” and for some people this is obviously as painful as screaming very loudly into their ears. Yes, you heard that right. Hating the words “Thank you” is a thing now! – Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I had absolutely no idea.

It happened to me mainly at work and university. “Don’t say ‘thank you’ all the time!” was one girl’s favorite thing to say to me. She acted like it was funny – I, on the other hand, felt pity for her. To be honest, she could have made use of some more gratitude herself, but I didn’t tell her. I guess that was actually the biggest mistake I made over all these years of studying.

Another girl at work – this seems to be a girl-thing in general – was a little bit more straightforward: “Omg. Don’t be so nice all the time!” she said. – Sorry I offended you! I’ll try to be more of a douche from now on.

So now that I heard two experts talking about this matter I finally know why I’ve never really fitted in: I’m not an ungrateful idiot! What a shame!

What is so bad about being nice?

I’m not saying you have to change your whole life to make another person feel good, but is it too much to ask to smile at people and be thankful for what they’re doing for you? – No! I think it goes without saying.

So why do I still have to listen to that “You’re too nice” crap? – Honestly, I don’t know. I can only assume the reasons for that.

Maybe they’re ashamed to admit that they actually needed the help of another person , maybe gratefulness for them is a kind of weakness or they just expect others to waste their time for them, take it for granted or think the time another person spent for THEIR benefit is just nothing special or not a lot to ask.

I think it is! All people on this planet have their own lives, their own problems, and goals that they want to achieve. All of this takes time and thankfully there are still people who use their precious energy to voluntarily do something for others.

So whenever somebody does something for me I’m thankful and I will express that gratitude, because that’s just how it should be.

The world is already a dark and grey place when it comes to the people inhabiting it and hatred and violence can be found on almost every corner. Why make it even worse by spreading the idea of not being thankful anymore?

If somebody spends his valuable time to do something for me, I want that person to feel that I respect and appreciate his or her act of kindness and I want to make sure the person knows that I think highly of him or her. So just accept an honest “Thank you” in return, because you freakin’ deserve it!

I believe that you can fight the bad with the good. Just because we’re very thankful and help others out as well, doesn’t mean we live on unicorn-island, where everything is great all the time and we don’t see the reality anymore. It just means we try our best to treat fellow human beings in a respectful and nice way.

The following video perfectly depicts how doing good deeds and being thankful can affect your own life and the lives of others. I highly recommend you watch it.

Video by Life Vest Inside